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Our core mission is to alleviate the complexities that event organisers often face, especially when dealing with various technology providers.

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Our Event Apps are a seamless blend of innovation and user-centric design. Beyond providing information, we create an immersive environment where each attendee becomes an active participant.

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Our consultation services extend beyond just question answering; they encompass thorough comprehension of your objectives, alignment with your overarching vision, and meticulous crafting of a strategic roadmap tailored to meet the needs of both your team and event participants.

Event Provider Selection

The right provider can make or break an event. Lean on our extensive industry connections and knowledge to identify the perfect match. From vetting to negotiations, we curate a list of providers that align with your goals and budget, ensuring a seamless fit.


In today’s digital age, a seamless tech experience is non-negotiable. Our team meticulously integrates various platforms, tools, and technologies, ensuring attendees have a smooth, unified experience. From registration platforms to live-streaming tools, we’ve got you covered.

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Beyond aesthetics, our setup and design services are engineered for functionality. Whether it’s optimizing flow to reduce congestion, designing captivating virtual environments or integrating interactive elements, our Setup and Design services captivate the senses while ensuring practicality.

Engagement and Communications

Boost attendee interaction with our custom event apps. From live polling and Q&A to virtual networking hubs and agenda trackers, our apps aren’t just tools; they’re a gateway to enhanced engagement and memorable experiences. And the best part: We handle everything from A to Z.

On-Site Services

Your peace of mind is paramount. With our on-site services, enjoy the assurance that a dedicated team is constantly monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing every event facet. From tech support to last-minute adjustments, we ensure everything unfolds as envisioned.

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Digital Solutions

Facial recognition

Enhance on-site registration efficiency with facial recognition technology.

On-Site Badge Printing

Get ahead, get seamless and assist crowd management with on-site badge printing.

Custom Registration Forms

Custom forms and registration sites to skip the pains and costs of traditional software.

Crowd Control

Enhance crowd management strategies for smoother operations.

AI Attendee Sentiment

Gather valuable event data effortlessly through advanced AI sentiment technology.

NFC Chips

Elevate event experiences with NFC chips, simplifying interactions and data capture.

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The tech world evolves rapidly, our experts are always on the lookout to help you stay Ahead of the curve

An event app is a mobile application designed to enhance the attendee experience at conferences, trade shows, and other events. It typically includes features like schedules, networking tools, interactive maps, and more, all aimed at improving engagement and providing essential event information in a convenient format.

Event apps streamline communication, facilitate networking, provide real-time updates, and gather attendee insights through features such as live polling and feedback. They're essential tools for modernizing events, increasing participant satisfaction, and gaining actionable data for future planning.

At Visualizing-Ideas, we specialize in tailoring event apps to fit your specific needs. From branding and feature selection to integration with existing event management systems, we ensure your app reflects your event's unique identity and goals.

Absolutely. Our event apps are built with privacy and security at the forefront, adhering to GDPR and other relevant data protection standards to safeguard attendee information.

Our event apps stand out due to their customizability, user-friendly design, robust features, and the optional comprehensive managed services. We offer single event app licenses with up to 20% off, ensuring high-quality solutions that fit budgetary needs without the requirement for annual contracts.

Apps improve engagement by providing interactive content, facilitating networking through social features, enabling easy access to schedules and event information, and allowing for real-time feedback and participation through polls and Q&A sessions.

Yes, our event apps can be integrated with social media platforms, enabling attendees to share their experiences, connect with peers, and increase the event's visibility online.

We offer end-to-end managed services, from the initial consultation and design through to deployment and on-site assistance during the event. Our team ensures a smooth launch and is available to address any issues in real-time.

The development and deployment timeline vary based on the app's complexity and specific requirements. We typically recommend starting the process 3-6 months in advance of the event to ensure adequate time for customization and testing.

Getting started is easy. Contact us through our website or email, and our team will schedule a consultation to discuss your needs, timeline, and how we can bring your technology vision to life.

Key features include personalized agendas, interactive maps, networking capabilities, live polling and feedback, session registration, push notifications for real-time updates, speaker profiles, and sponsorship opportunities. Each feature is designed to enrich the attendee experience and streamline event management.

Our event apps include features like in-app messaging, contact exchange, meeting scheduling, and social media integration, making it easier for attendees to connect, communicate, and network before, during, and after the event.

Yes, some of our platforms can support a so called App Container, allowing organizations to manage several events within a single app. This is particularly useful for companies with a busy event calendar, providing a unified experience for all their events.

We employ the latest security protocols, including data encryption, secure authentication methods, and compliance with international data protection regulations, to protect all information within the app and ensure user privacy.

Our apps provide comprehensive analytics on attendee behavior, session popularity, app engagement, and more. These insights help event organizers measure success, make informed decisions, and improve future events.

Our event apps are designed with all users in mind, featuring intuitive navigation, easy-to-read content, and straightforward interaction mechanisms to ensure a positive experience for even the least tech-savvy attendees.

Absolutely. Our apps are built to enhance both in-person and virtual experiences, with features supporting live streaming, virtual networking, and remote participation, making them ideal for hybrid events.

Our apps offer various sponsorship opportunities, including branded content, sponsored sessions, in-app advertisements, and analytics on sponsor engagement, helping sponsors maximize their ROI.

Our on-site and remote support teams are prepared to address and resolve any app-related issues rapidly, often in real-time, to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth event experience.