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Client Overview

Client Overview:

Integrated Event Technology Solution with On-Site Support: Elevating a Berlin Pharmaceutical Conference

Client Overview

Event Type: Pharmaceutical conference in Berlin,
Attendance: 500

Facilitating a smooth registration process for a large attendee list.
Managing access and interaction for concurrent breakout sessions.
Enabling effective networking and interactive participation without the environmental toll of printed materials.
Navigating the extensive conference area efficiently.
Offering a unified platform for app and registration functionalities.
Providing dedicated on-site support for any app and registration queries.

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In response, Visualizing-Ideas developed an integrated event technology solution, combining a bespoke event app with a sophisticated registration system, supplemented by unparalleled on-site support. This holistic approach addressed each challenge, offering a tailored, user-centric experience.

Key Takeaways

Key Features Implemented

Unified Registration and Event App

Unified Registration and Event App Platform:
A singular, intuitive system allowed for easy registration, schedule management, session check-ins and enhancing the attendee journey.

Interactive Engagement Tools

Interactive Engagement Tools: The app incorporated live voting, virtual business card exchange via QR codes, and interactive maps, driving participant interaction and engagement.

Adaptive Event Management

Adaptive Event Management: Real-time adjustments to schedules, registrations, and session capacities were made possible, ensuring the event’s smooth operation.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices: Attendees received environmentally friendly, full-color printed badges with unique QR codes at check-in, eliminating the need for paper-based materials and fostering green event practices.

Effortless Venue Navigation and Networking

Effortless Venue Navigation and Networking: With the app’s features, participants easily navigated the conference space and connected with peers, leveraging the QR-coded badges for seamless networking.

Comprehensive On-Site Support

Comprehensive On-Site Support: Visualizing Ideas provided dedicated on-site support, serving as a single point of contact for organizers for all app and registration-related queries and needs.

This ensured any issues could be promptly addressed, maintaining the continuity and quality of the event experience.



Integration custom event app

The integration of the custom event app with the registration system, enhanced by Visualizing Ideas’ on-site support, transformed the pharmaceutical conference into a paradigm of modern event execution.

single point of contact

Organizers benefited from having a single point of contact for all technology-related inquiries, ensuring smooth, real-time problem resolution and decision-making. Attendees enjoyed a highly interactive and engaging experience, marked by easy navigation and meaningful connections.

Benchmark Setting

Benchmark Setting: Integrating best in class solutions that are generally seperated into a single system for enhanced attendee expeiences without the usual drop off.



Visualizing-Ideas’ comprehensive solution for the Berlin pharmaceutical conference underscores our expertise in delivering integrated technology solutions, supported by dedicated on-site assistance.

By addressing the intricate needs of modern events, Visualizing Ideas sets a new benchmark for the industry, where technology and personalized support converge to create unmatched event experiences.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead

The success of this integrated solution at the Berlin pharmaceutical conference demonstrates Visualizing Ideas’ commitment to innovation and client success.

Moving forward, the company aims to continue redefining event management through the development of cutting-edge solutions and robust support services, catering to the evolving needs of the event industry.

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