At Visualizing-Ideas, we offer a spectrum of managed services tailored to enhance the event experience

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Get managed services, as and when you need


We consult and integrate

Pre-Event consultation

Registration, apps and digital solutions

We find
Pre-Event we find

The right technology, at the right price

We build

Pre-Event We build

With our event solutions or yours


We consult

During-Event consultation

With you, your team and anyone you choose

We support

During-Event support

All of your event participants

We suggest

During-Event suggestion

Ideas, hacks and proven strategies


We analyse

Post Event analyse

We collect, visualise and put your data to work

We suggest

Post Event suggestion

Opportunities to target and engage your attendees

We prepare

Post Event preparation

For your next event based on your event data and feedback

Streamlining event logistics and operations with managed services from planning to execution, to enhance participant engagement and interaction

Leveraging our vast network of IT solution partners combined with out comprehensive managed services, we craft bespoke solutions that transform your event visions into reality. We stand apart by not just reselling, but by offering fully managed, integrated solutions specifically tailored to meet your unique event needs, ensuring seamless execution, round-the-clock support, and unmatched reliability.

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Managed Services

Branding and Design

We incorporate

Branding and Design incorporation

Your event brandings look and feel in every opportunity

We customise

Branding and Design customisation

By pushing the limits of event technology to suit your needs

We design

Branding and Design design

Everything, from Event Apps to badges to housekeeping slides


Communication Plans

Communication Plans

To best engage, capture, segment and communicate



To engage with relevant and personalised experiences

Speaker Tech Training

Speaker Tech Training

So your speakers can put your tech investment to work

Digital Solutions


Digital Solutions Pre-event

To avoid the complexity and costs of registration software


Digital Solutions During Event

Harness crowd control, NFC chips, and AI sentiment scoring


Digital Solutions Post Event

Get the feedback you need with advanced forms

Our mission

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As we continue to grow and expand our managed services, Visualizing-Ideas remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in event technology. Our goal is to remain your trusted partner, transforming your events into cutting-edge experiences that captivate and inspire.

We are not bound by Vendor Roadmaps or their approved 3rd party apps, meaning we won’t keep you in the dark about the next best thing.

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Ongoing Project Manager

We believe in the compound growth of having the same Project Manager for all your upcoming events as our managed services become even stronger, the longer the relationship lasts.

Continuity and Consistency, no matter the technology

Dedicated Data Analyst

Dedicated Data Analyst

We believe you cannot change what is not visible.

It takes 2 events to form an average, and a third to know your direction

One Point of Contact for all your event tech needs

24/7 Support

We can..

One Point of Contact Consultation


One Point of Contact Find


One Point of Contact Build


One Point of Contact Integrate


One Point of Contact Manage


One Point of Contact Support


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Single Point of Contact

Core Services

Custom Event Apps: Engage your audience with personalized apps featuring interactive elements and real-time updates.

Indoor Navigation Systems: Navigate complex venues effortlessly, enhancing attendee satisfaction and safety.

Registration Platforms: Simplify the attendee registration process with user-friendly and efficient systems.

IT Support and Consultation: Benefit from expert advice on technology integration and platform selection to meet your event goals.

On-Site Services: Rely on our team for seamless execution and real-time problem-solving during your events.

What you can expect

What you can expect from VI

Enhancing participant engagement and interaction with best practices and support pre, during and post event.

Streamlining event logistics and operations.

Providing comprehensive managed services from planning to execution.

Our extensive network of IT solution partners enables us to offer bespoke solutions that bring your ideas to life. Unlike other providers, we don’t just resell products; we integrate them into customized solutions aligned with your specific event requirements

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