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Client Overview

Client Overview

Client Overview

Industry: Event Management
Event Type: Corporate Training Sessions
Participants: 15
Attendance: Employees of the German-speaking event department



language and proficiency barriers

The client’s German-speaking event department faced significant language and proficiency barriers using a comprehensive event registration tool integral to their workflow.

Reduced Language Barriers

Despite its essential role in the company’s operations, the existing English-language course materials did not meet the needs of all employees, leading to inefficiencies and underutilization of the tool’s capabilities.



Visualizing Ideas, with eight years of experience and certification from the tool’s developer, offered customized German-language training sessions.

These sessions were designed to address the unique needs of the client’s workforce, aiming to enhance proficiency and confidence in using the event registration tool.

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Training Approach and Audience Segmentation

Education Approach and Audience Segmentation:
The workforce was divided into beginner and advanced groups to tailor the course modules to different proficiency levels. Beginners were introduced to basic functionalities, while advanced sessions covered complex features like session management and detailed reporting.

Practical Learning and On-site Sessions

Practical Learning and On-site Sessions:
Courses were conducted on-site in 4-5 hour sessions, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. A dual-trainer setup ensured dynamic presentations and personalized attention, allowing participants to practice by creating a sample event.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support:
Post-training, participants had direct access to trainers for further assistance, ensuring the practical application of their new skills in real-world scenarios.



Enhanced Employee Proficiency and Organisational Efficiency:

Confidence in Tool Usage

Confidence in Tool Usage:
Employees from both beginner and advanced groups reported increased confidence in using the tool, capable of independently setting up registrations and navigating complex functionalities.

Positive Feedback

Positive Feedback:
The training initiative was met with overwhelming positive feedback, highlighting the effectiveness of the tailored, hands-on approach and the benefits of on-site learning.

Reduced Language Barriers

Reduced Language Barriers:
Customized German-language courses directly addressed the language barriers, making the tool more accessible to the entire department.

Imporved Workflow Integration

Improved Workflow Integration:
With employees better able to leverage the tool’s capabilities, the overall efficiency and productivity of the event management process improved.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

This case study underscores the importance of tailored training solutions in overcoming language and proficiency barriers within international teams.

Visualizing-Ideas’ bespoke approach not only facilitated a more inclusive and effective use of the event registration tool but also demonstrated the value of personalized, practical course materials in enhancing employee competence and confidence.

Benchmark Setting

Benchmark Setting: Translating vendor training modules to suit the needs of German speaking event teams



The success of the courses were evident through positive participant and client feedback.
Participants gained the ability to navigate the tool independently, seeking assistance only for more complex requirements.

Visualizing Ideas’ eight years of expertise and certification from the tool’s developer contributed to the success of this tailored prduct-support initiative.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead

The success of this initiative sets a precedent for future training programs within the company and potentially for other clients facing similar challenges.

Visualizing-Ideas is committed to evolving its solutions to meet the diverse needs of international workforces, ensuring that essential tools are utilized to their full potential.

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