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Our core mission is to alleviate the complexities that event organisers often face, especially when dealing with various technology providers.

Indoor Blue Dot Navigation

Blue Dot Navigation

Delegate Tracking

Delegate Tracking

Crowd Management Tools

Crowd Management Tools

Streamline Delegate Tracking, and prove ROI with Interactive Navigation and Real-time Analytics.

Navigate your event space effortlessly with Visualizing Ideas’ state-of-the-art Indoor Navigation Solutions. We understand the challenges of managing events in complex venues, and our solutions are tailored to provide a seamless and efficient navigation experience.

Navigate Complexity with Ease

Seamless Venue Navigation
Our indoor navigation systems are tailored to navigate through intricate venue layouts, ensuring attendees can move effortlessly from one point to another.

Enhanced Attendee Satisfaction
By providing intuitive and user-friendly navigation tools, we prioritize attendee satisfaction and create a positive event experience.

Our advanced tools and strategies, combined with real-time analytics, ensure that crowd densities, queues, and flow are always at optimal levels.

Indoor & Outdoor events

Indoor & Outdoor Events

Whether it’s a music festival or a large trade show, we’ve got the elements covered.

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location based push notifications


indoor navigation analytics


Booth rankings

Visit time per booth

Engagement score

Average dwell times

Exposure score

and much more..

Because you cannot change what is not visible

Key Features

Interactive Maps: Access detailed, interactive maps of the venue, allowing attendees to explore and locate specific areas easily.

Real-Time Directions: Provide real-time, step-by-step directions to guide attendees to their desired destinations within the venue.

Point of Interest Information: Highlight key points of interest, session locations, restrooms, and more, keeping attendees informed and engaged.

Accessible Across Devices: Our indoor navigation solutions are accessible across various devices, ensuring flexibility for attendees using smartphones or tablets.


Enhanced Event Experience: Attendees can confidently navigate the venue, maximizing their participation in various sessions and activities.

Reduced Confusion: Minimize confusion and delays by offering clear and concise directions, reducing the likelihood of attendees getting lost.

Improved Safety: Prioritize safety with real-time updates on emergency exits and evacuation routes.

Implementation Process

Our team at Visualizing-Ideas works closely with event organizers to seamlessly integrate indoor navigation solutions into the overall event technology framework.

From the planning stages to on-site execution, we ensure a smooth and efficient navigation experience for both organizers and attendees.

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The tech world evolves rapidly, our experts are always on the lookout to help you stay Ahead of the curve

Our innovative indoor navigation system empowers attendees to effortlessly find sessions, booths, and amenities, significantly enhancing their event experience and satisfaction.

We specialize in creating a seamless connection between attendees and event offerings, utilizing advanced technology to foster engagement, interaction, and memorable experiences.

Absolutely. By simplifying the attendee journey, our solutions make events more accessible and enjoyable, encouraging higher participation and return attendance.

Our system drives foot traffic, ensuring booths are easily discoverable. This visibility can increase interactions and opportunities for booth owners to connect with their target audience.

In today’s digital era, technology like our Bluetooth beacon-based indoor navigation is crucial for delivering innovative, efficient, and engaging event experiences.

Bluetooth beacons transmit signals that interact with mobile devices, providing precise location-based information and directions within the event venue, all without the need for an internet connection.

Our analytics dashboard offers deep insights into attendee behaviors, popular areas, and navigation patterns, enabling organizers and booth owners to measure engagement and optimize strategies for maximum ROI.

An event app enriches the attendee experience with features like personalized schedules, direct messaging, and indoor navigation, making it a vital tool for modern, interactive events.

With a streamlined setup process, our team can deploy the indoor navigation system efficiently, ensuring it’s up and running well before your event starts, typically within weeks depending on the venue size.

We prioritize user privacy, employing data anonymization and encryption to ensure all location and interaction data are handled in compliance with global data protection standards.

Our on-site support team is equipped to manage any technical queries, ensuring smooth operation of the indoor navigation system throughout the event.

Yes, our system is designed for compatibility, offering seamless integration with a wide range of event management platforms to enhance functionality and user experience.

By providing real-time data and insights on attendee flow and interests, our system enables sales teams to strategize their interactions more effectively, leading to improved lead generation and conversions.

Definitely. Our navigation solution includes options for highlighting sponsors or featured booths, driving attention and traffic directly to them, enhancing their visibility and attendee engagement.

Investing in our indoor navigation system not only elevates the event experience but also offers significant returns through increased attendee satisfaction, higher engagement rates, and valuable data insights for strategic planning.